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Online Options

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Now that so many other applications are being made available via the web, online digital editing applications are becoming more appealing.


Here are some freely available options to help with this







iPiccy is an easy to use editor that you can use to edit images, add effects and text and even paint over.

PicMonkey is fun, full-featured, and easy to use. It allows users to just get to work without signing up or entering an Email. There are lots of filters, effects, and tools to enhance a photo from a number of galleries online or using an uploaded image.


FotoFlexer not only enables you to edit images but you can also add some basic decorations and animations amongst other effects.




Pixlr has two components, Pixlr Express and the full blown Pixlr Editor. Express is great for a quick edit including cropping rotating etc as well as adjustments and a range of effects. The editor is fully featured and very intuitive to use.

   befunky is a suite of tools that allows for editing as well as a range of effects, and the capability to add text, bubbles and other features. It has both free and pay for versions.   Aviary is a fully featured editor that includes the capability to work in layers and add filters amongst others. The site features some excellent video support. Aviary is now offering Aviary Education a "safe private environment"



Sumo Paint is the top of the range editors. It has all of the features of the others plus just that little more. If you want to easily manipulate layers, add text and annotation etc then this is the editor for you though there is a steeper learning curve required.
   From Mashable comes a list of 20 online editors including the ones listed on this page.


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