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Mobile Devices

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Most mobile phones these days have the capability of taking not only still images but also movies. With the advent of the iPhone and other smart phones, it is easier than ever not only to capture images and movies but also to quickly send them to the web.



Here are some of the apps that I like




iMovie is Apple's own original movie editing app. It is arguably even more intuitive on the iPad than it is on the computer.  

ReelDirector is a pay for app that has lots of great movie editing capability.



iMotion HD is a great timelapse and Stop Motion pay for app.




Silent Film Director allows you to manipulate and edit your films into the style of silent films and other genre.


Cartoonatic enables you to capture movies with a range of different cartoon type effects.

  Videolicious enables you to mix talking heads video with still and other video in really interesting ways.



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