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Flickr with over 3.6 billion images is arguably the world's largest image repository.


Creative Commons


If you are looking for images on Flickr that are licenced under Creative Commons licence then this is the place to start your search.


The Commons on Flickr



The Commons on Flickr brings together images from some 25 institutions worldwide to exhibit "hidden treasures in the world's public photography archives". All of the images have no known copyright restrictions and are searchable within The Commons.


Picture Australia: People, Places and Events



The 'Picture Australia: People, Places and Events’ group is an growing collection of images of social, political, contemporary and or historical events of national significance. It contains more than 1.6 million images from major collecting institutions. If you would like to, you too can contribute your Flickr images to this group.



US Library Of Congress



This archive contains historical images from the US Library of Congress that have no known copyright restrictions.



Three other Flickr Search engines worth looking at are


Compfight   FlickrStorm
  Tag Galaxy


If you are wishing to use Google Image Search then you should use the advanced search option which allows you to search on usage rights amongst other factors.


To add attributions to your Flickr images at the same time as you get an embed code you might like to use ImageCodr

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