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Digital Microscopes

Page history last edited by John Pearce 9 years, 12 months ago

Digital microscopes are becoming increasingly affordable and offer science teachers especially a great way to show students the otherwise invisible. Here are just a couple of ones on the market at present.




The Dino-Lite range of digital USB handheld microscopes are small and portable for when close up inspection is required.  

The QX5 is not only a microscope that captures images

at 10X, 60X and 100X magnification, it can also be used to create time-lapse movies.                                                                 

Aldi stores sometimes carry a similar digital microscope at a significantly lower price.

  The Proscope Mobile microscope has the advantage of not only being handheld but it can also sync wirelessly with iPods and iPads


Combine these images with an application such as Comic Life and you can explore alternate understandings.


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